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A few years ago you would have found me sitting on a bus with white Apple spec headphones in and commuting several hours a day to and from the city. I had a whole lot of time up my sleeve and there was only so much scrolling Pinterest and Instagram that could be done in 90 minutes a day (and that was on a good day).  

Hours of my life turned into making my way through podcasts and books, all the while evolving my curiosity for human growth and potential.

Today, with those commutes behind me (which has now become a more balanced 10 minute drive), I still draw inspiration in the same way – not only to grow and challenge my own thinking, but to support those who I serve through my work in leading women to transformation.

This year I chose to reduce my reading list considerably (to less than 5 books), while others layer book over book, month after month, I felt it necessary to put the breaks on consumption in an effort to turn up the volume on my own voice in this space. Less influenced writing and more truth telling.

Potent honesty from the heart.

So I invite you to dive into this list, but with one request, that you take it slowly. Read and listen with intent to learn and then go into the world and implement that which truly resonates.

Books I’m reading:

The School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes 

This book started my year in style and even had my husband attempting to claim it as his own. This book literally catapulted me into action, and saw us make some radical changes to our wider team – John read ‘everyone needs a coach’ so he went out and got one – true story, I love that men just DO.  I was always a big fan of Lewis’s podcast and this book is a practical extension of that.

Read this when you need a big serving of motivation and inspiration to create a vision and a purpose driven life. Perfect for you if you are toying with the idea of starting your business, Lewis lays the foundation with his all-American boy charm. 

White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte

Officially the print copy of this book isn’t due out till May 2017, but you can get your hands on the audiobook when you pre-order. And well, obviously I couldn’t wait because I listened cover to cover in just 2 days.

I credit this woman’s previous books (Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map) as having a significant effect on the course of my life. So after seeing this woman grace the stage in Melbourne, I knew she was the real deal. She so eloquently dishes out her poetic thoughts on all things from growth, spirituality, relationships to money but won’t sugar coat the truth. In fact, you might be surprised about her ‘truth’ around the personal development industry – important words that need to be said.

Read this if you are ready to get down to the core of being human, perhaps your about to make a change and you need some reassurance that someone else has also been there. Told in a way that will leave you ready to get real about how you’re living.

How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

As you can see from the podcasts listed below, I’ve been following Jonathan Fields for a while so naturally when he puts out a book I was in. How to Live a Good Life is the curation of his own habits and the habits of his guests (as well as scientific backing) accumulated over several years of interviews.

Unlike many personal development books, it goes much deeper than productivity and creating a big life, instead he has divided life into 3 essential, measurable buckets – vitality, connection and contribution. The concept of the book is that each bucket has 10 practices, so you can make your way through the book as a challenge or picking up one habit if you feel a need to fill up a bucket. 

Read this if you’re looking for something you can pick up and put down as needed. The simplicity and care with which the habits have been selected will make it easy to transition into the bucket life!

Podcasts I’m listening to…

Listen to this for personal development, life hacking and personal stories: The Tim Ferriss Show: Favourite episodes include No. 212 2016 What I’ve learned, No.186 with Tony Robbins, No.124 with Jamie Foxx – this is one for a long car ride, the humour, stories and intellect are incredible. 

Listen to this when you need to get motivated: Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. Favourite guests include Lisa Nichols and Tony Robbins.

Listen to this when you need support in your relationships and want to explore your femininity more: Untame Yourself Radio with Elizabeth Dialto: Favourite guests include Philip McKernon, Alison Armstrong, Martha Beck and Nancy Levin. 

Listen or watch this when you want to get inside the mind of an entrepreneur, writer or spiritual teachers: Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields. Favourite guests include Panache Desai, Elizabeth Gilbert and Elena Brower. I also suggest going back through the Good Life Project TV files and checking out episodes with Brene Brown, Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte and Lewis Howes. 

Now I would love to know what you’re reading for inspiration? what book took you from on the couch to taking action in a matter of days? 

Share in the comments below and of course if you know someone that might love this list, be sure to share it with them.

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh is a mentor and the creator of The Unstoppable Woman transformation program. She believes that when a woman is confident in her own skin, she is free to create herself on her own terms. Through her 1:1 work with women and workshops she is supports women to clear their minds and open their hearts.

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