3 simple tools to transform your money beliefs

If you find yourself landing on this blog post today, then welcome to part two of our series on money.

In working with many over the past year, I noticed that our relationship with money can be a little sticky. A subject that we don’t feel comfortable talking about or experience a loss of confidence when it comes to money and making powerful choices.

In the first part of this three-part series on money, I asked you to complete this set of questions (download HERE).

Together, we looked at your history and past experiences, to find out whether this may have a bearing on what beliefs you hold today – especially if money makes you nervous.

The reason I asked you to look into your past, is that some of the beliefs you have today, you may have unconsciously carried through your life. Your actions today, may be a reaction to those past experiences – for fear of repeating a cycle – perhaps you don’t want to experience what your parents went through.

When we carry these beliefs around with us a number of things are at play:

1. Because of what you heard growing up, you are often carrying around the beliefs of that person, which could be based on their own past experiences.

2. We chose to believe something about money because of what we made a experience mean (our own interpretation)

3. If these beliefs don’t feel powerful, generally we will make low vibe and poor decisions around money.

4. And finally, this could impact our view of what’s possible. If our view is narrow – we might believe there’s only one way and we are less likely to be creative when it comes to money

And therefore, your actions reflect your beliefs.

If this sounds a little familiar, you might notice that sometimes you feel:

…embarrassed / shame


…fearful / worried


…resentful / blaming of others

…held back

…about money

ALL of these things I have felt at some time in my own life.

It wasn’t until close to 4 years ago, when I had to dig my way out of a small financial hole (it felt like a freakin’ crater at the time) because of a lack of planning. I remember my emotional state was constantly fearful and helpless. But quickly, I had the sense to realise that being fearful about money wasn’t good or making my situation any better. So I decided it was time to turn the lens inwards and look at what, why and where my beliefs came from and how they were limiting my future potential.

If you completed the journal exercise from my first post (download HERE) you will have been able to bring to life how you view money.

The GOLD in doing these exercise around money is that you a) have a new-found awareness and b) you get to choose what money is for you, its potential and its alignment with your vision.

You may realise that  in fact your parents taught you some super powerful behaviours towards money BUT you weren’t able to see that until now. Or perhaps you realised something small you believe about money, but it seems to hold you back from making decisions or moving forward with your hearts desires.

The next 3 exercises we are exploring today will help you:

1. Use one of my long time favourite methods for transforming beliefs – this time we will focus on money

2. Deciding how you want to feel about money

3. Create a powerful money statement

Here’s your next steps:

WATCH today’s video above AND complete your 3 exercises by downloading the PDF by clicking on the image below.

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