The Power of meaningless – Why we don’t need a reason for everything we do

The minute I saw the title of this article I had a feeling I was going to love it and that it would strike a chord with me. Luckily, Josh Epperson did not disappoint and it strongly resonated.

In Josh’s own words, the article is about:

“taking things less seriously, and enjoying life as best you can”.

Without a doubt, this is something at A Conscious Beauty we often need to remind ourselves of.

Nowadays, it is easy to get caught up on the treadmill of life, pushing ourselves continually to be, do, achieve, strive further and further … and further. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s great and all. I know that I can be victim of my own ambition, feeling that every spare minute I should be doing more, more and more. This can lead to feelings of discontent and restlessness if I’m not utilising every moment possible.

As adults, we have a tendency to get caught up in everything that comes with being an adult – the good, bad, great or awful. Somewhere along the lines we smile less, laugh less and don’t carve out enough time to be, explore, or restore our inner being. You just need to look at a small child, who lives life moment to moment and realise that we can take things a little too seriously sometimes.

What I liked most about this article was that it spoke to my creative side and the thinker in me. It also spoke to the daydreamer, the writer, and the explorer too! I became aware that the actions and choices I make which may seem meaningless to others, could be powerfully restorative to me. It reminded me to have fun and not everything I do needs to have an agenda.

“These thinkers and doers highlight the underlying power of meaningless activity: having faith that when you enjoy yourself, when you do things that move you, something opens inside.

There is peace in that place.
There is happiness.
There is deep satisfaction.”

It is both true and contradictory that the article is about something meaningless when the actions themselves can actually be very meaningful to you. For example, your meaningless activity could be a hobby such as taking photos, journaling, crafting or even drawing and doodling.

The core idea of ‘powerfully meaningless’ is about finding a place or activity that allows you to relax and find space amongst everyday life. It is about discovering something you enjoy, something that excites or interests you. The beauty of your powerfully meaningless activity is there is no pressure of having to master it, gain approval for it or make a career out of it. The result is a place where the consequences don’t have meaning. So you can play and take risks. If you fail, it’s ok; the repercussions are minimal (if there are any at all), because you weren’t taking it too seriously in the first place!

Some of my favourite powerfully meaningless activities include horse riding with girlfriends, writing and lying on the beach, lapping up the rays with a good book by my side.

So tell me, what are some of your powerfully meaningless activities? We would love you to share!


Katherine Bugden

The beautiful Katherine Bugden is a co-founder and contributor to A Conscious Beauty blog.

This English lass is an avid writer, tea drinker, reader and can chat the hind legs off a donkey. She loves to travel and has a serious case of wanderlust, which is providing ample fodder for day-dreams. Love, family, friends and laughter are constant themes in this beauty’s life. When not working, reading or writing, she’s on the beach lapping up the sunshine and letting the ocean wash any worries away.

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