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T H E    U N S T O P P A B L E   W O M A N

A private mentoring journey designed to allow women to feel fully expressed, lit up every day and leading with love in their career and relationships.

There was a time when all I knew was a life where I constantly lived in my head. I woke up every day with anxiety about going to work. I was resistant to change. My dreams felt constrained by money and time. I had a pattern of choosing unhealthy relationships. I was unable to embrace my feminine power. My body lived in a constant state of stress and I didn’t feel authentic in my friendships.

You are here because you are ready to put a stop to that inner voice that has left you feeling stuck and anxious for too long.
You here because you are ready to become an unstoppable woman who . . .
Is clear about her dream and bears the confidence to act on it
Feels aligned and authentic in her career path
Is deeply connected and at ease in her relationships
Knows how to cultivate balance, flow and harness her female power
The Unstoppable Woman is a 3 month journey encompassing 6 beautifully-crafted 1:1 sessions that will take you from your head to your heart and closer to your dream.  
Clear mind : Open heart
She’s unstoppable.

What you will gain from our journey together:

++  Become clear and confident in the actions needed to move you closer to your dream.

++ Nourished by daily practices that clear the mind and open the heart. 

++ Wake up each day with a body that is strong and ready to rock.  

++ Lit up and living your version of success. 

++ Learning to lead from the heart over the head – no more feeling stuck!

++ Attract meaningful relationships that support your success. 

H O W   W E   D O  I T:

++  Initial 2 hour creative session designed to shine a light on where you’re at right now, what’s working and what’s not and your energy levels. Within this session we develop a supportive and individualised self-care routine together as a platform to take you to where you want to be.

++  Meditation – together we explore various forms of meditation, from simple breath work to guided visualisation. Incorporating this practice allows us to create a connection with the body through the breath, create a vision for our dream life and release any fears that hold us back. (Note: no previous meditation experience required).

++  Learn specific ways to tune into your feminine power through your body, nature and the five senses.

++  Workbook exercises that allow you to use feeling states for greater clarity, cultivate abundance and gratitude in your life.

++  Additional support is provided between sessions through a private Facebook group.

++  Gift within 2 weeks of first session to support your growth. 

++  Two Bonus 30min Accountability Sessions to support with implementation of your goals

Y O U R   I N V E S T M E N T

This 3 month package is a low 4-figure investment.

To learn more about The Unstoppable Woman journey and see if we are a good fit for mentoring, I invite you to book a complimentary 30min discovery session.