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If Miranda Kerr is doing it, it must be good? If wellness warrior Jess Ainscough swears by it then I’m sure you are just a little bit curious?

That was enough evidence for me to have a go.

I am pretty sure you were thinking I was going to let you in on some crazy strict diet secret, but you know that is not our cup of tea. What I am talking about is the morning routine of dry brushing. And guess what beauties – it’s the next tip in our series on morning rituals.

So before we get into the nitty gritty, lets start at the beginning…

What are the origins?

From a little searching around on the web, it appears that dry brushing is a practice that is not bound to one culture. From the athletes in the Ancient Greek Olympics to the Japanese bath houses, the benefits of dry brushing are universal. Dry brushing is also a practice used in Ayurvedic medicine, a 5000 year old healing science that originated in India.

Dry brushing goes hand in hand with another morning favourite of mine  – oil pulling which you can find out more about here. The beauty of these two practices is that they have both internal and external benefits – the ultimate  for anyone who like us, is on the holistic beauty journey.

What are the beauty benefits of dry brushing your skin?

When it comes to the beauty benefits of dry brushing, it is one of the ultimate’s as far as routines and rituals go.

Winter: During winter (as well as being a fact of aging) our skin becomes dries out easily and if we don’t get rid of it, it builds up over time making it harder for our skin to carry out its natural renewal process. Dry brushing is one way to regularly help this process.

Summer: If you are like me and freak at the thought of the first time getting your legs out in Summer, then dry brushing is going to become my new best friend. The circulatory benefits are also known to aid in ‘moving fat deposits’ around your body (i.e. reduce cellulite).

Added bonus?

Dry brushing is not just about silky smooth skin, it is also an important practice in helping to stimulate the bodies natural detoxification systems – in particular our lymphatic system. The light massaging of the skin and muscles particularly around the lymph nodes aids in lymphatic drainage and in turn supporting the health of our immune system.

It is essential that you massage towards the heart to aid the lymphatic drainage, but spiritually, this is also a way of nourishing your heart chakra.

In fact, we could actually re-name this little series on morning rituals – the self-love series, because each of these extra little things we do each day not only promote overall inner and outer wellness, they also represent the love and care for your body.

How to – tips and tricks for first timers

  1. Begin with your feet, moving up the front, inner leg and back of the legs using even strokes.
  2. From the groin area brush upward towards your naval. Once you reach you this area, switch to gentle circular movements around the naval area. Follow with brushing around the breast area then switch to the buttocks.
  3. After the main body is done, move on to hands, arms, neck and the base of the scalp.
  4. Clean your brush once a week with a mild soap and ensure it dries properly before the next use. Here is a great tip from the team at Biome where I purchased my first body brush:

Spritz with a spray of diluted organic tea tree oil after each dry body brush to reduce risk of bacteria in bristles. Wash with hot soapy water once a week, pad excess water into a towel and leave to dry in a well ventilated area. Allow brush to dry completely before using again. Do not leave in a damp area, the bristles will mildew

My thoughts?

I must admit that I have only taken up this practice recently, so can’t vouch just yet for major long term benefits. However, I have noticed how invigorated my skin feels after brushing and for me this is the perfect time of year to start to seem improvements in my circulation. I certainly feel as though my skin is a lot smoother after showering. Combined with my new favourite Metta Skincare body oil and I’m in heaven!

As always, we love to know if any of our beauties out there have tried dry brushing and noticed any great results? Or if you are like us and new to the ritual or even keen to try and not sure where to start then leave a comment below!



Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh is a mentor and the creator of The Unstoppable Woman transformation program. She believes that when a woman is confident in her own skin, she is free to create herself on her own terms. Through her 1:1 work with women and workshops she is supports women to clear their minds and open their hearts.

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