Meet the Maker – Introducing Jacqueline Evans

We are thrilled to be featuring this beauty as our latest Meet the Maker – Jacqueline Evans.

So you might be wondering how we stumbled across this amazing beauty?

Well, the Jacqueline Evans skincare was one of the first brands that really stood out to us. The bold packaging and ‘go to’ range of face and body products made it hard to pass by. We first discovered Jacqueline in an unlikely but uber cool way when she was the Tasty Tuesday ‘resident Naturopath’ for The Design Files in late 2013. Ruby knew that she would be top of our list to sample.

Jacqui’s background in Naturopathy, interest detoxification systems and woman’s health provided the perfect backdrop for the creation of her skincare range. In the past year, whilst raising a young family, she took the plunge and committed solely to her brand to grow it into something that would hopefully become a legacy for her young girls.

Inspiring right! and cue A Conscious Beauty Crush.

Jacquiline Evans portrait


Katherine’s thought on Jacqui:

Although I’ve not met Jacqui personally, we’ve had a fair amount of contact via email. She’s a passionate woman, supportive of her community and has strong family values – and her products are luxurious and delightful to use. I’m really proud we’ve been able to work so closely and collaborate with Jacqui.

Ruby’s thought on Jacqui:

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jacqui in Melbourne earlier this year, after we had connected to review a some of her range. She embodies all that her brand stands for and equally a holistic approach to beauty – something which makes many of the women in this series a real stand out. From the way she raises her young family to the thoughtful connections she has made within the wellness community and her support of other female entrepreneurs – she is a truly inspiring woman who lives her brand ethos.

And now, from the maker herself:

Tell us about your brand’s vision:

The brand has evolved over the years rather organically (and with bucket loads of hard work), and to be completely honest, I am not entirely sure where I want it to go.

This used to frighten me that my vision wasn’t completely crystal clear, but I am ok with that now, and trust the process.

What I do know is that I will continue to use the best ingredients to create incredibly effective products and most importantly continue to educate women that beauty is more than skin deep.  I have become incredibly aware about how much we as women obsess over our looks, and also compare ourselves to others.

I want women to understand that beauty does lie within, that healthy glowing skin must be fed a wholesome nourishing diet and lifestyle – we must look at what is going on inside to address the outside. This is fast becoming my most, especially as a mumma of two young girls.

What makes your brand unique and what are ‘must-haves’ for your brand?

With this range I am committed to creating skincare products founded on naturopathic philosophies, using only natural and pure certified organic ingredients.

We could never make beautiful products without some special ingredients. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure it meets with our strict criteria. Our products have been developed using the purest cold pressed oils, the best essential oils and therapeutic levels of extracts, and none of that harsh and detrimental stuff (did you know it takes about 26 seconds for chemicals to entre the blood stream after they have been applied to the skin..eek!)

All our products are still hand made by us in small batches to ensure quality is never compromised.

I was tired of the overuse of the word ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ by companies misleading consumers with clever marketing. My principles are very simple – the best natural and certified organic ingredients, honest expert advice, quality service and incredibly effective products.

Finally, I want to do something different in a very cluttered and sometimes confusing industry; by keeping our range simple, honest and natural.

Jacqueline Evans natural ingredients

How do you give back / support others?

I got an email a while ago from a customer who was so self-conscious about her skin, she was embarrassed to leave her own house. Through using our products, whilst her skin cleared, she gained confidence and begun to learn that her skin did not define her, and felt comfortable to do as pleased without feeing insecure. That’s pretty amazing.

What has been your greatest ah-ha moment in your life to date?

Taking the leap to quit my full time job and officially start running my own business. It took years to gain the courage to do it, but I have never ever looked back. It always reminds me to work hard, believe in myself and be nice!

What is your favourite way to nourish your soul?

I love to cook, I always have. I am convinced my families’ biggest expense is our food bill.  Whilst other people might spend money on restaurants, movies or clothes, I like to spend my money on buying the best quality food for my growing children.  I want them to understand where their food comes from, and that food has the ability to affect how you feel.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

My family and my two healthy, beautiful, curious and vivacious daughters.

Jacqueline Evans Products

How do you live consciously?

My current favourite motto is to not sweat the small stuff. I am an easily anxious person who can get caught up with unnecessary worry, and I have learned (and am still learning) to let go of the little things, to not worry about something before it happens, but instead to breathe and to be present.  This is a brilliant work in progress for me at the moment.

I also create boundaries for myself to live consciously. For example, I create boundaries around use of my phone and computer, I try and focus on doing one thing at a time (rather than madly mutli-tasking), and I take the time to listen to my body and understand the messages it is sending me.

What does it mean to be authentically you?

Being truthful and respectful to myself and to others.

Photo of Jacqui by Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

a conscious beauty

This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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