Inspiring Sisters: Introducing Emmily Banks

Today I want to introduce you to my first Inspiring Sister of 2016, the radiant Emmily Banks of Depths of Beauty.

The Depths of Beauty Philosophy is simple: to inspire conscious beauty and authentic well-being from the inside out.

Born from Emmily’s personal and professional transition to eco-beauty, Depths of Beauty is an ever-expanding platform bursting with highly informative, meaningful and mindful content.

Driven by Emmily’s holistic approach which incorporates beauty, health and wellness, Depths of Beauty aims to empower people to confidently and comfortably make the transition to eco-beauty by embracing all natural, organic, ethical and cruelty free products and practices.

Emmily is Australia’s leading (and ONLY) natural and organic makeup artist, blogger, speaker and eco-beauty advocate. She is passionate about inspiring healthy and positive change for people and the planet.

“Each and every day we make choices which impact our health and happiness, as well as that of the planet.  Through Depths of Beauty I want to ensure that everybody has the knowledge and support necessary to reach their full potential and live the healthiest and happiest existence possible!” – Emmily Banks

Why A Conscious Beauty LOVE’s Emmily:

I discovered Emmily through her collaborations with Melissa Ambrosini, Nicole Joy Inspire, Dr Nat Kringoudis, and none other than one of my favourite skin care brands – Mukti Organics.  What blows me away about Emmily, is that as a part of the marketing driven makeup world, she is unashamedly and authentically a stand for the use of Organic make-up. When passion and purpose align (and a little determination thrown in there) you have a recipe for success.

I am so grateful to Emmily for sharing with my tribe her thoughts on conscious living, authenticity and that ‘ah-ha’ moment that led her on her journey to becoming Australia’s first Organic make-up artist.

What has been your greatest ah-ha moment/turning point in your life to date that led you to creating your brand/product?

The biggest aha moment was when I still practising as a conventional makeup artist and I started receiving complementary products to review for brands – this is when I realised I had the potential to influence women’s beauty choices! It was then that I realised I really wasn’t comfortable representing the brands I was being sent (all conventional mainstream toxic products). I always knew that whilst they were getting the job done “physically enhancing  external beauty looks”, they weren’t necessarily beneficial to our health! That’s one of the main reasons I decided to make the transition to natural beauty.

On the journey to discover the best natural products on the market, I also realised there were no ‘footsteps to follow’ so I had to start from scratch – this is when it hit me that natural beauty is so severely under represented, so I created Depths Of Beauty to share my findings and help others in making the switch to natural, organic, ethical and cruelty free beauty too!

How do you live consciously? / Any tips for living consciously?

I try to live consciously by being mindful as often as possible. I do my best to be present and consider the impacts all of my choices may have on others and the environment – from food to clothing and personal care products etc.

I believe the first step to living consciously is to really stop and just BE conscious. In order to be conscious I think we need to slow down and connect with ourselves – be still, go within and listen to the guidance that comes from truly listening to what your heart and soul desires.

Make the most of this life and live to your fullest potential by being in control of your mind and body by simply being conscious.

What does it mean to be ‘authentically you’?

Being authentically me means staying true to my heart, passions, beliefs and living them out exactly the way I feel is right. It’s about being and sharing who I truly am with the world in confidence, with no fear or judgement. It’s about just being REAL.

Want to connect with this beautiful soul? Here is where you will find her:

Instagram: @depthsofbeauty

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh is a mentor and the creator of The Unstoppable Woman transformation program. She believes that when a woman is confident in her own skin, she is free to create herself on her own terms. Through her 1:1 work with women and workshops she is supports women to clear their minds and open their hearts.

  • Matilda

    February 23, 2016 at 9:44 pm Reply

    Hi Ruby

    I’m a big fan of Emmily Banks – such a great little post, thank you!

    Very happy to discover today too – I love what you stand for. It’s a beautiful message!


    • a conscious beauty

      a conscious beauty

      February 25, 2016 at 7:37 am Reply

      Thank you Matilda you are so welcome and yes Emmily is beautiful inside and out!

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