Girl Crush – Introducing Tasha Alanah Cortez


We admit it, we have a Girl Crush on this beauty – Tasha Alanah Cortez.

A Conscious Beauty’s thoughts on Tasha:

Yes, this divine goddess has amassed a crazy 40k+ followers on Instagram as @gypsy_wandering, but we’re not here to talk about that.  Rather, we want to show you why this beauty is THE REAL DEAL, authentic and raw. Her feed is bursting with colour, with life and love for the world in which she lives, celebrating her womanly body and beauty that was once blurred by a battle with an eating disorder.

These days she travels the world, from her bases in Byron Bay and Sydney, her creative endeavours include writing, photography, and collaborating with some of the worlds most well-known surfing labels. We are proud to have Tasha join our tribe of beautiful young woman as one of our girl crushes.

And now from the beauty herself:

Tell us about your brand’s vision:

All I’m here to do is hopefully help people see animals in a different light and make the world a better place for them to live – you get to a point in your life where you begin to question your purpose here, and for me that’s essentially it.

So really I’m just an Australian girl from immigrant parents, who wants to share her loves and passions and philosophy through writing, photography and painting in the hopes of inspiring people to be more peaceful, loving, kind and considerate of the earth, each other and other earthlings.

What makes your brand unique? What are ‘must-haves’ for your brand? 

I wouldn’t outright say my brand is completely unique – there are many people with the same purpose. There are people I look up to and admire for their intentions and how they’ve shifted so many people’s views little by little to help create a more peaceful and healthy planet. Peter Singer and River Phoenix are two people who come to mind. However everyone is gifted with something special, talents, to share and to give back to others – and I feel that as humans we are all endowed with the birthright to be an environmentalist. So we each need to use our talent for good in solving inequality among all creatures, as well as creating a more sustainable way of living to benefit our earth. People seem to respond to my writing which is still such an amazing and touching thing to me, so I want to pursue that first and foremost in hopefully changing people’s views. However I want to help increase the popularity and awareness of cosmetics, shampoos, and other day-to-day items that don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to you, the planet, have biodegradable or some more sustainable method of packaging…as well as ones that are not tested on defenceless animals. I hope to soon work with my surf sponsor O’Neill in creating an eco-line or charity project which brings benefits and awareness to animal welfare and consciousness.


What is your favourite way to nourish your soul?

Definitely spending as much time connected to nature and immersed in it, as possible. In this technology-focused , past-paced world it’s so easy to forget that we come from the earth, and so easy to forget how to just be still and reconnect with Mother Nature.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

Definitely being able to travel – I’ve been very blessed in the opportunity to see and spend time in such diverse cultures and places – experiencing life with all senses is the ultimate life teacher. You begin to be grateful for everything you may have taken for granted before, and if you’re open and willing, you grow so much from being out if a comfort zone or routine.

What has been your greatest ah-ha moment/turning point in your life to date?

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one haha! I think if you’re open to growth and change as a human being, then there are a few of these moments along the way.. Most recently, was when I was swimming at home in Byron Bay a few months ago; and I realised I wanted to pursue writing as a means of doing my part, in changing the planet.

When you’re fresh out of high school you have no idea who you really are, or what you want to do with your time here – and until you find a little more of yourself and your place on this earth, you won’t really be fulfilling your whole purpose. I went from wanting to be a vet and marine biologist until I was 17, to wanting to be a realising that I didn’t have quite the heart, head or passion for science and that there are other ways of making the earth a better place.


How do you live consciously? / Any tips for living consciously?

I try to be aware as much as possible about the implications that our industries have upon this earth … Not to alienate particular groups, but the impact of the meat industry on our planet is astronomical, and yet very few people are aware of the environmental consequences that such a powerful industry has.

So I try and keep up to date with and share this awareness with others to assist them in making conscious choices – like my dad always says, there is nothing worse than an uninformed opinion!

How do you give back & support others?

I’ve said a little part on body image, something that affects every one of us, and am always there to assist people who are struggling with it via email or messaging… You do the best you can – however I’ve shifted my main focus and energy onto helping animals that are at the mercy of our species, we are lacking in our equal consideration of them, and we are the only ones in power who can change the current situation. Animals feel the same emotions as we do – and yet they don’t have anyone to speak up for them – humans, as the most advantaged species, need to.

What does it mean to be authentically you?

One thing I’ve learned is that you will always be growing and changing with your experiences, as long as you’re willing to accept good change and learn from life’s lessons. The authentic “you” will always be shifting – and you’ll learn that you can’t keep everyone happy, so stick to your guns with your core philosophies and morals. Always be open minded but not to the point where it violates your beliefs.

The best advice I have ever been given was from a friend at my previous work place – “Do your best and give a s#*t less.” Once you are secure in your morals and informed in your opinions as a result, you stop caring what people think and stop changing your beliefs to suit them. Follow you gut feeling on what is right, and what isn’t.

The true beauty of the earth seems to have been coalesced in the island of Kaua’i. Spending time in this magical locale ceaselessly felt like a dream, or maybe the earth-bound equivalent of the celestial place in the skies that they call heaven.
It is a place so perfectly balanced between quintessential elements ~ the air atop the mountains that brush the sky; the water of seafaring oceanic depths pulled by the moon; reflecting and sparkling under the fire of a golden sun; the rich volcanic earth constantly flourishing with life both new and ancient.
Existing between the solstice of subaqueous, emerald mountains, and cerulean, abyssal horizons.
Each part of nature found here tells a story, fills you with childlike wonder and delight.
Everything is so full of life, it glistens and gleams and captivates your soul, and yet just… is.
It is constantly moving and yet somehow still, halcyionic ~  assuredly sanguine in its mesmerizing presence.
The wildflowers blossom and blow in a gentle breeze, a myriad of colours, and the vibrancy of all entities seem to be intensified, enhanced here.

Words by Tasha, written after a one of her trips to Kaua’i, Hawaii.

Photos of Tasha by Katie Boink and Tanner K. Hoss. Hotel photo Tasha’s own.

a conscious beauty

This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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    Tashsha! Aloha! Thank you for receiving my friend request! Funny i have not seen you about byron….i surely would have noticed. I would love to put a pair of moccasins on your gorgeous feet! If you see me, grab me, and we will see to it! Best wishes, keep up the good work! In light n love, jory

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