Girl Crush – Introducing Jolene Hart

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We admit it, we have a Girl Crush on this beauty – Jolene Hart

Jolene is the first of our girl crushes to hail all the way from Philadelphia in the United States so we are super excited to be sharing and insight into this beauty with you all today.

We first featured Jolene on the blog with her delightfully tasty Spiced ‘Skin Glow’ Smoothie, and now we certainly have found our match in this inspirational woman.

Jolene has studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, is a certified health & beauty coach and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Through her company Beauty is Wellness she teaches woman about the vital connection between beauty and your overall health, through eating for beauty every day.

Once a beauty editor of a major publication, Jolene suffered from cystic Acne, eczema and digestive issues for many years. While she did have access to every lotion and miracle cream under the sun, it wasn’t until she started nourishing her body that she was able to truly heal herself from the inside out. Things have come full-circle and Jolene is now the proud author of the book Eat Pretty – a guide to seasonal eating, packed full of recipes and tools to eat your way to beauty.

At a A Conscious Beauty we whole-heartedly share Jolene’s perspective on beauty –  “food is your most powerful beauty tool, NOT your enemy. You can deepen your lifelong beauty and find simple ways to pamper yourself by shifting some of your everyday habits, starting with the foods you eat” 


And now, we introduce the beauty herself:

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Tell us about your brand’s vision:

Every one of us deserves to live our best life— to look and feel our best every day. But so many of us sabotage our health and beauty unknowingly, by not realizing how much influence we actually hold. It’s my mission to empower and inspire my readers and clients to create their own lifestyle of beauty in a way that’s accessible, approachable, impactful— and delicious. Real change happens when we feel good as a result!

What makes your brand unique and what are ‘must-haves’ for your brand?

I think Beauty Is Wellness is unique in its mission, and its approach. I teach my clients and readers to make their diets and lifestyle choices a source of pampering, not stress. I recommend getting in tune with your body and its changing needs rather than adopting a strict diet plan. And my experience comes from so many angles, personal and professional, beauty and health-focused, scientific and intuitive.

How do you give back / support others?

I think that my gift for giving back comes in my ability to listen. I mean really listen, and relate to people of all walks of life. I think that’s part of why I’m so well-suited to coaching. I’ve always been the one to listen, support and aim to bring out the best in others.

What has been your greatest ah-ha moment or turning point in your life to date?

Undoubtedly the decision to leave my job as a beauty editor and seek healing for my skin. It was a self-serving and rather desperate decision— a result of a decade of struggling with unremedied skin issues. At the time, I had no idea that my decision would lead to some incredible discoveries (including a remedy for my skin issues) and a new level of wellness in my life, not to mention a totally new career path, as a health coach and author. Growing up, I was always taught that food was medicine, but I really had to experience the healing power of food firsthand for me to appreciate it fully.

Eat Pretty Cooking Class

How do you live consciously? / Any tips for living consciously?

For me, conscious living means slowing down and being present! I’ve always been a sentimental person. Even though I am forward-looking, I am so rooted in the past. But especially now that I have a baby, I feel time passing so quickly. It’s sometimes a struggle, but I make my best effort to celebrate small and seemingly insignificant moments every day. There is so much beauty in our lives, and it grows exponentially the more we stop to take it in.

What is your favourite way to nourish your soul?

Spending time in nature. Admittedly, this is really hard for me in the colder months (I’m totally a warm weather person), so I definitely feel a bit off-balance in the winter. When it’s too cold for me to be comfortable outdoors I spend a lot more time cooking and creating in the kitchen instead. But when I can be outside, long walks that let my mind roam are my favorite way to feel re-energised and inspired, body and soul.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

Health, and long-term relationships. I am so grateful for every day that I’m healthy and can inspire others to bring greater health and wellbeing into their lives. And I feel like I’m especially blessed to have wonderful relationships with people, from my husband to childhood friends to siblings, that are such an effortless source of joy and stability in my life.

What does it mean to be authentically you?

Acknowledging that I need time by myself to recharge. I am definitely a social person, but I also have an introverted personality and I need to seek quiet time to re-energize my creativity.

If you wish to find out a little more about Jolene and her amazing book Eat Pretty, then pop on over to her space and start exploring!

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This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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