Girl Crush – Introducing Cass Lane

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We admit it, we have a Girl Crush on this beauty – Cass Lane!

This multi-talented pocket rocket is sure to charm anyone she meets! She certainly did when we met the lovely lady earlier this year. With her contagious smile and warm nature she truly is an authentic beauty.

Cass is quite the wordsmith too, and you can find her magic as Editor-in-chief of the monthly e-magazine – Happiness + Wellbeing and a copywriter come social media strategist for her boutique company Wild Spirit Co. Through the pages of her magazine, this passionate young lady is on a mission to collaborate with the best of the best from the wellness industry and provide space…

“to help you foster inner peaceadopt a more conscious lifestylemaster the art of meditationnourish your body with balanced nutrition and find spiritual practices that enhance your life and wellness”

Katherine’s thought on Cass:

This gorgeous lass is a truly beautiful soul – I’ve only met Cass virtually over email and her positive outlook on life and bubbliness shines through in every piece of correspondence we have. She’s passionate about what she does, holds those around her and herself to a high standard and she can rock a pair of glasses. As a fellow four-eyed lady and someone who respects anyone who has that level of professional pride, she’s a gal after my own heart!

Ruby’s thought on Cass:

After stumbling across Happiness + Wellbeing magazine and downloading my first issue back in July, I knew this young lady was one to meet. I had the pleasure of connecting with Cass in an ironic but probably very common setting – Instagram! In fact, Cass, Katherine and I all lived within a few minutes of each other so we caught up over coffee and the rest was history. Cass is an extremely driven, creative and contagious being, who has a lot of love to share with her readers. I look forward to continuing our friendship and future collaborations!

And now, we introduce the beauty herself:

August Cover Final

Tell us about your brand’s vision:

It is my dream that one day women across the globe will have the knowledge, understanding and resources (which H+W aims to provide) to make empowered, brave and loving decisions about their lives, health, bodies, spirituality and wellness.

What makes your brand unique and what are ‘must-haves’ for your brand?

What makes us unique is that we’re not run like a business … or even a commercial magazine, really. We’ve been developed with a single idea in mind: “what can we do/say/provide/offer/explain to help make a positive difference”. H+W Magazine is run on a foundation of kindness, because really, if we can only do one thing and that is to instil the importance of kindness (to yourself, to the earth and to others), then we have achieved more than we could ever hope for. 

How do you give back / support others?

I’m a huge animal lover and support a myriad of animal charities. We also volunteer dog walk for our local shelter and  *one day* would love to build a no-kill shelter for pets.

What has been your greatest ah-ha moment or turning point in your life to date?

When I read (and actually acknowledged) the saying “what you resist persists”. Life is just one huge, gigantic, fabulous lesson and if we don’t get it the first time, the universe kindly smacks us in the face with it until we open our eyes and go “Ohhhh, I understand.” It took a few black eyes for me to learn my lessons this year.

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How do you live consciously? / Any tips for living consciously?

For me, it’s all about being mindful. When I’m mindful, I eat more consciously, speak more consciously, write more consciously and am just more here and in the moment. That would be my biggest transformational tip: be here now.

What is your favourite way to nourish your soul?

Sitting outside and sipping a coconut + cacao smoothie while I’m journaling in one of my notebooks. There’s nothing that a good journaling session can’t fix! The answer to your problem will probably be on page 10, but hey – you will get there.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

My gorgeous partner, Brian, who handles my ‘creative’ (cough – childish – cough) tantrums with absolute ease and goes out of his way to make me laugh and enjoy every moment. Also, my two furbabies, Tank and Bear, who plop themselves onto my keyboard on a daily basis and remind me that cuddle breaks are more important than deadlines.

Thank you beautiful Cass for your inspirational words and beauties, if you want to download a copy of Happiness + Wellbeing magazine you can do so here.

a conscious beauty

This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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