Finding love – a journey from the head to the heart

You are ready to take a risk and bust out in life, but something always stops you. You feel like your mind overpowers your decisions over and over again. The head says NO don’t jump!

Sound familiar?

It certainly was the case for me. Until recently, my head led the way in every decision I made. I was stuck on the “how’s”, the “shoulds” and the “buts”…

The signs that I was stuck in my head showed up for me in these 8 ways – the most obvious was how I felt about my career direction.

And then one day I decided to put an end to feeling stuck and confused and made a couple of heart driven choices that majorly changed the game. Instead of a predictable linear path (that my mind craved), life was closer to a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.

Yep. You might say I quit. I say, things are just getting started.

I chose to leave the professional career I’d spent 10 years climbing and building (no joke intended, but yes I was an Architect) and took on a new journey – a journey that would guide me from my head to my heart.

What I am about to share is the result of a deep dive with the help of my beautiful mentor. She provided me with the tools to distil 7 important lessons this journey has shown me – every time I decided to come at life from my heart rather than my head.

Lesson #1: Learn to express yourself and love others from a place that’s not dependant on their thoughts, praise or love.

Yep waaaaaay easier said than done right? But this is the truth of unconditional love. When I began to thread this idea through my life and relationships, I had the freedom to forge my own path. In essence I chose what being ‘successful’ at life meant to me. When I stuck to that belief, I became more connected to my family and attracted incredible soul sisters. If we play by the rules according to our conditioning – conditioning being the beliefs that come from our education, our family or friends, or simply the “way it’s always been,” we will ALWAYS feel stuck, and our heart will start to scream out. The love we experience or give will be conditional on meeting these beliefs.

Is feeling free and more connected in your relationships something you want too?

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Lesson #2: More being, less doing becomes my mantra

When you begin the process of moving from your head to your heart, you will experience ease more often. Rather than trying to be someone else or control a situation you become more accepting of where you are at. As women, we are deeply connected to the ebb and flow of life through our own physical monthly cycle. As we nourish that connection, we begin to know what is right for us one day to the next. We realise that sometimes we can push and sometimes it’s ok to pull back or just be!

Lesson #3: Live a life that is true to you.

To have a heart-centred approach to life means we aren’t trying to be someone we’re not, which can mean wearing multiple masks at any one time. We know who we are at the core – which becomes the most potent place of expression and freedom I’ve come to know. I am very ok with not being like everyone else.  

Lesson #4. Begin with love

Chose your thoughts, your words and your actions carefully. If our thoughts and actions come from a place of ‘not enough’, we will see it everywhere in our lives – not enough money, love, time, our looks. When we work on coming from a place of love with our thoughts, we will stop putting up excuses for our situation (or blame others) because we know we have a choice and we can choose powerfully – in any moment. To nurture this, choose small, consistent acts of love towards ourselves. I call these ‘Soul Food’.  

Lesson #5. Drop into your heart space through your physical body.

Instead of listening to your racing mind, you can tune in to your body through the breath or movement. When you start to tune in and really listen, you’ll look after it more, give it what it needs – sleep, clean food and stillness, and then it thrives. When you choose to come from the heart you begin to see your body as the foundation from which you can live a big life.  

Lesson #6. Change your money love story (thank you Kate Northrup)

Money, money, money was once a word that caused my heart to contract and my head to swell. Learning to see money as neither good nor bad, and the energy you have towards it (feeling the flow or feeling constricted) determines the quality of life you live. As Kate says, “If you can’t see your value, the world doesn’t give you value back”. Once you see these two as intimately connected, things will shift.

Lesson #7. If it all seems too hard, begin with an inside out approach

As mentioned in Lesson #4, I am talking about self-love and self-care. Really? does this stuff actually work? I hear you say. Yes it does! My biggest lesson? That our degree of self-love and our connection to our heart, shows up in more ways than just a clear mind. When we use self-care to strengthen self-love, we attract, we’re magnetic and we become more radiant.

Watch, read, listen here to learn more about self-care.

If you desire deeper connection with others, first, begin with yourself.

Tell me, do you resonate with one or more of these lessons? If so, I want to know in the comments below.

Beautiful, do you feel called to come together and create a deeper connection to yourself, your career and your relationships?

Good news is that connection already exists within you. Right now you’re not sure how to go deeper? Then let’s do it together, fully supported.

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The discovery call is perfect for you if:

> You are open to exploring what is possible for your life

> You are ready to take the steps required to move you closer to your dream

> All you really desire is to feel free of your busy mind and open your heart to a fuller life – your relationships, your career, your health and more.

Trust me, I know you are a beautiful woman with a dream and a big heart but you know something needs to shift – to make shit happen.

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh is a mentor and the creator of The Unstoppable Woman transformation program. She believes that when a woman is confident in her own skin, she is free to create herself on her own terms. Through her 1:1 work with women and workshops she is supports women to clear their minds and open their hearts.

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