Faster EFT or Tapping – Part Two

Jackie Durnin Tapping with David

Today we have the brilliant follow-up to last week’s guest post from Jackie.

In this post she shares with us her some more of her Faster EFT or ‘Tapping’ experiences.

Favourite Cases

One of my favourite cases happened quite recently. A guy I was working on was addicted to alcohol and was also suffering from physical pain. He had fallen off a roof 5 years before, breaking his feet and his ankles. He was told by doctors that he would require crutches to walk and would also walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

The session was predominantly focused on his addiction. As we had some time before the end of the session, we switched the focus to his physical pain. He was sitting at a 4 out of 10 on his threshold in regards to his feet and legs – sao we tapped on that and were able to release it. I also taught him to tap on himself should he feel any physical pain in his body.

His crutches are now gathering dust!

He doesn’t need to use them and he doesn’t walk with a limp.

Another session I had was with a young lady, who was suffering from depression and anxiety and had multiple suicide attempts. She said she felt depressed and anxious every day of her life and it would get so bad she wanted to die. She had been checked in to hospitals due to her suicidal thoughts and she had also been on and off medication as well.

In her session, I followed the Faster EFT belief system. I explained that she has been successfully producing depression and anxiety, all we are going to do is unlock the code to un-create the anxiety and depression. I also told her that she had been so successful at creating the depression and anxiety, imagine how amazing she would be at successfully creating happiness.

We needed to understand the reasons behind these her feelings as well as when they started.

During the session, the memory was so intense and she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t vocalise what had happened.  I asked her to give a title to this memory and described the emotion of the memory. She was feeling fear, sadness and terror and the strength of the memory was a 10 out of 10. We tapped on it together, to get the 10 out of 10 down to 0, so she could look at the memory in her mind and even get to the point of laughing at it – at this point we knew there was a huge shift.

It turns out that a number of years before she had been assaulted and hadn’t reported or told anyone about it and it was a highly traumatic experience – hence why she struggled with vocalising it at the start.

Once the shift had happened, she felt absolutely 100% comfortable talking about it. It doesn’t disconnect you from the feeling, it just neutralises and releases the emotions connected to the memory.

The idea is to keep the lesson but let go of the pain, because the pain doesn’t serve you in the present moment. The pain of the memory was what was causing her to want to leave and commit suicide.

I taught her the tapping technique so she could tap on herself and I saw her a few weeks after this session. She told me that she feels like a totally different person. She does have moments where she feels sad or down but it’s not to the same intensity. She also knows she is in control – she can tap on her feelings and help to neutralise the emotion.

That was a very cool experience!

Jackie Durnin Tapping with Keoki

Most Challenging and Interesting Cases

I’ve had a few difficult or interesting cases –

I was one of 10 practitioners chosen worldwide to visit the US’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Hawaii. They have 115 residents attend the 3 year program. 85% residents have been transferred from the prison, so vast number of people suffering from different types of trauma – ranging from abuse, assault to rape, death and murder. A lot of the residents would come in to the sessions with an attitude of “what is this mumbo-jumbo”.

I found that intriguing as I knew how they would feel at the end.

One case which springs to mind, I worked with a girl who had a lot of emotional trauma. She had a lot of guilt and sadness about the death of a friend.  He was killed and she believed it was partly her fault and she felt responsible for it. She had an addiction to pills which started at the time of his death. Usually by releasing the trauma which occurred around the time the addiction start, the addiction itself can collapse.  Despite working on this memory, her addiction was still present.  After some further investigation we uncovered some early childhood emotional trauma which was also causing her addiction.  Once we cleared this memory, her addictive feelings dissolved.

The cases which could be challenging are the clients who attend sessions with an air of disbelief. I’ve actually worked with a number of people  who had thoughts of “what’s this mumbo jumbo?” and they’re not really sure what’s it all about.

I know that if I follow the system it works every time. So I follow the system and they feel a huge difference.  They sometimes are unable to verbalise what just happened but  they don’t feel pain, addiction or “that feeling” anymore, so they tend to be pretty satisfied!

Other interesting cases have been working with physiologists and psychiatrists, of which I have worked with a number of both. When I’m in session with them, they have already analysed themselves and tried to come up with conclusions as to why they are behaving the way they are. I go back to what I know and just follow the system.

I think these clients go into a session not really expecting much of a change. Often within 15 to 20 minutes of a session there will be huge release, be it crying, upset or a release of emotion, and we will be able clear it their negative emotion to 0 and they won’t feel it anymore.

They have been really insightful sessions as I also learn a lot from them. I know that they dot their i’s and cross their t’s when it comes to their own lives, however, often you can just be too close to see it clearly. Even if it’s staring you in the face, you just need a different pair of eyes.

Tapping on a Practitioner…

I do tap on myself, however, I also get another practitioner to tap on me too. The reason behind this is that they will say stuff to you and challenge you in a way you won’t challenge yourself. You normally go easy on yourself when you tap on yourself, however it’s a practitioners job to provoke you, try to get a reaction and to make sure you’re really ok with what’s going on.

Sessions with me – Tappy Jackie!

Doing what I do means that I hear a lot of stories which tend to be quite traumatic and upsetting for the client. I’ve been to therapy myself to try to deal with my own past emotional trauma. I felt by retelling my story over and over was making it more real and I wasn’t getting rid of the pain.

I don’t try to take away from their story, my aim is to dissolve the intensity of the emotion. To do this I inject humour, music, laughter or some fun like references to magic, Harry Potter and awesomeness. I find this helps break down barriers and helps me to get results.

I’ve also been christened “Tappy Jackie” by my clients, which is makes me smile.

If you want to learn more:

You can visit my website, which has details in Faster EFT, how I can help and all of the types of conditions I treat. Alternatively, you can always visit Faster EFT’s founder, Robert G. Smith’s website, here.


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[/left] [right] Jackie Durnin of Your Inner Power is an Advanced Level IV Faster EFT Practitioner, one of only 20 practitioners worldwide with this qualification. Jackie lives in Noosa with her Husband and her two golden retrievers. Faster EFT Sessions with her can be arranged to be held either via Phone, Skype or Face-to-face.



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This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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