Faster EFT or Tapping – Part One


What Faster EFT is and How it’s different from EFT

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and is a technique that is used to tap on certain meridian points on the body. This “tapping” helps with physical, emotional and performance issues.

Faster EFT combines this ancient Chinese acupressure, modern psychology and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) helping to release emotional trauma, emotional triggers / reactions or physical pain and helps to change or break habits.

First point of difference between the two, is the number of meridian points use. EFT use numerous points whereas Faster EFT only uses 5 main points.

These meridian points are between your:

  1. Eyes
  2. Side of your eyes
  3. Cheek bones
  4. Anywhere along your collar bone
  5. Wrist

Tap on these points over and over while focusing on the emotion or pain you are trying to release and at the the end, you hold the wrist take a breath in and then out and say “peace”.

With the smaller number of points it means it’s much easy to teach a client the points so they can also tap on themselves after a session or between sessions.

Within the session the practitioner works with the client to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 on the emotion response, the feeling or the trigger. This is then what is ‘tapped’ on to reduce the response, feeling or trigger to as far down the scale as possible, ideally ‘tapping’ it down to 0.

One good thing to note with Faster EFT, is that clients don’t have to tell the practitioner the content of their memory to still get a result – as such you can have “content-free” sessions.

Faster EFT Belief System & Philosophy

Another main difference to EFT is that Faster EFT is the belief system. Faster EFT does not believe you are broken – they believe you are successful producing an outcome which is not serving you right now. Whereas with EFT, they believe that something is not working quite right and there is a disruption in your system. What needs to be done is to tap out the disruption to clear it.

I like the belief system of Faster EFT. It makes me go in to sessions with a different mindset – nothing is wrong with my clients, they’re just successfully producing depression, anxiety, bulimia and so on.

Letting them know this is really empowering – we look at what they’ve managed to create and we just need to refocus their attention and use their energy to create something more magical in their life.

How I got in to Faster EFT

My best friend Jodie in the UK chatted to me about something she’s discovered called EFT, where you tap on meridian points on the face. “Tapping” on the points could help people with all sorts of conditions such as addition, emotional trauma, diseases, stress, anxiety.

My initial reaction was “as if!”

Out of curiosity I went on the course to learn more about it all and it really piqued my interest. I then started working with people using this technique. Working with friends and friends of friends with the approach of “give me the condition and I’ll see if I could help”.

My first experience was working with a lady who’s 6 month old son had a blocked tear duct. The exciting part of it was that I didn’t know what a blocked tear duct actually was, but I thought well, let’s just tap on it!

A blocked tear duct is when the eye runs constantly. This meant the child had a rash on its face the constant flow of tears down his face. She had been told by doctors that there was nothing that they could do until her son was 4 years old – hopefully it would rectify itself, otherwise the only other option was surgery.

I had the session originally with the mother and 24 hours later the tears stopped flowing. (It has never come back). What it was the emotional trauma of the birth

The mother was told during her pregnancy that there was something wrong with her son. In her mind this developed in to a fear and a feeling that both her and her baby would die at birth. When it came to the birth it was traumatic and resulted in an emergency C-section.

After the birth, she had to hold it together for her other children and her new son. This resulted in her never being able to express the stress, anxiety and overwhelm which she felt in that moment. Her son, being so young, was a sponge and as a result was expressing these feelings and unshed tears of the mother via his tear duct issue.

If you want to learn more:

You can visit my website, which has details in Faster EFT, how I can help and all of the types of conditions I treat. Alternatively, you can always visit Faster EFT’s founder, Robert G. Smith’s website, here.


Jackie Durnin Black and white photo
[/left] [right] Jackie Durnin of Your Inner Power is an Advanced Level IV Faster EFT Practitioner, one of only 20 practitioners worldwide with this qualification. Jackie lives in Noosa with her Husband and her two golden retrievers. Faster EFT Sessions with her can be arranged to be held either via Phone, Skype or Face-to-face.



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This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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