Coconut oil – The most universal oil in the pantry

You may have noticed from a recent post that A Conscious Beauty is a pretty nuts about coconut especially for the positive effect this good fat has on our insides. If that wasn’t enough proof, today we want to blow you away with what this wondrous little oil can do for our outer beauty.

In our household, the main way we use coconut oil externally is by applying it direct to the skin as a simple moisturiser. I love to use a more fragrant brand of oil because when I apply it to my skin, the smell is a lovely little reminder of our island holidays. Coconut oil is also great for treating moisture loss with our hair. Spoil yourself once in a while by applying the oil to the ends of your hair as a simple (and cheap) deep-conditioning hair mask.

Due to the anti-microbial and antibacterial properties of the oil, it is also effective in reducing the severity of breakouts and may assist in treating conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Similarly, it is an effective wound healer by providing a barrier against bacteria and assist in the repair of tissue.

P.s. If you happen to get lucky tonight, coconut oil is also an effective lubricant! But we must add a big fat disclaimer; it can only used with NON-LATEX condoms as it reduces the integrity of the latex. And, if your partner or buddy is feeling extra generous, coconut oil is great for massage too!

Want more proof? Check out this great little infographic below



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