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T H E   C L A R I T Y   K I C K S T A R T E R

The Clarity Kickstarter is designed for the women who:

+ Desires a life that is created from her version of success

+ Desires to begin 2017 powerfully and feel aligned with her goals

+ Desires to live each day in a state of ease. Not living always in her head but living from her heart.


The Clarity Kickstarter is an intimate and powerful 2.5hr session designed to help you experience rapid transformation and have you create the leaps necessary to take you closer to your dream. 

Included in this three part experience is:

+ Arrival and initial space clearing meditation

+ Part One: Is all about getting clear on your ‘whole’ life and how it feels right now. We look at your energy, flow and gratitude. Learn self-care rituals to tune into the needs of your body and mind – this provides a clear and loving platform from which to live as an unstoppable woman.  

+ Part Two: Formulate a vision for how you want to feel in every area of your life. Discover what it means to live with intention.

+ Part Three: Dedicated to implementing your intention and creating goals that are aligned with your intention.

1 x 30min follow up session within 2 weeks after your Clarity Kickstarter session.

Unlimited email support between sessions.

Printable workbook

The Clarity Kickstarter Session will be held online via skype.


$199 one-off payment

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