Favourite Finds: Alyssum Alchemy

A couple of weeks ago I led my first solo workshop at The Habitat Space in Melbourne (massive high fives all around). Titled Soulful Living: The Art of Self Care, the workshop was an exploration into how we can define living soulfully for ourselves and how we can use a self care routine to explore this path – every day.

In preparing for the workshop, I connected with Alison of Alyssum Alchemy, who’s passion for the healing powers of oils began over 13 years ago. This led her down the path of alternative therapies of Energy Healing, Meditation facilitation and Reiki Master. Just over 3 years ago, she brought her passion and creative energy together to blend a range of mists, remedy oils, facial nectar and bath soaks under the brand Alyssum Alchemy.

Alison believes in sharing products “which celebrate the natural gifts of the plant and mineral kingdom and which gently encourage us to reconnect back to ourselves, the moon and to this magical planet”

Sacred Space Meditation Mist

Alyssum Alchemy’s Sacred Space meditation mist is unique blend of herbs, resins, crystals and woods. Derived from Ancient times, the mist is designed specifically for the modern human to create a calm and clear state before commencing a seated practice or ritual.

Crystal infusions of Labrodite – for space clearing and Tibetan Quartz for dissolving energy blockages and purifying energies while the herbs Lemon and Rosemary allow the user to become centred in their mind and body, and lavender to ground you if you’re feeling overstimulated.

I love this mist for it’s delicate aroma that does not overpower the senses, allowing you to centre yourself calmly before you enter your meditation or yoga practice. For someone like myself that is both sensitive to artificial perfumes and loves a natural scent, this mist is ideal. The mist is a perfect compliment to create ritual around my meditation practice each morning. I begin by lighting a candle, misting myself and the room before taking a seat.

I also used this mist as an integral part of my recent workshop – The Art of Self Care before we entered into a vision exercise. With this in mind, it would be a perfect compliment for any natural therapists, yoga or meditation teachers.   

Contains Certified Organic, plant derived, eco certified ingredients and house in Miron glass to prolong the life and energies contained within the mist.

Clarity Remedy Oil

This select blend of uplifting oils has been specifically crafted to provide both a sense of clarity, calmness – Mint, Lemon and Lavender, and Australian Sandlewood and Fragonia for relaxation and calming the mind.

According to Alyssum Alchemy, what made this oil the perfect compliment for my recent workshop, was that the blend of oils “invites clarity, vitality, creativity, inspiration and motivation, all geared around setting goals, new beginnings and following your dreams”.

Unlike the mist, this is an oil-based product and can be massaged into pulse points on the wrist and neck. I used this post meditation as a little pick me up, but you can also apply it before work, a meeting or when embarking on a creative project. 

Contains Certified Organic ingredients.

All products are available for purchase via the Alyssum Alchemy website.


Favourite Finds – Haconut Original Organic Body Scrub

haconut banner image


Does this story sound familiar to you?

As a child you would sneakily disguise chocolate cake baking as a way to consume the batter rather than produce a cake from it? Those childhood memories were brought to life when I discovered Haconut Original Organic Body Scrub only a few months ago. You’re in for a treat because this scrub smells so good you’ll be tempted to eat more than you scrub with it.

Funny that, because 90% of the ingredient list is actually edible.

The Haconut brand was born out of a desire to create a unique product that wasn’t based around coffee – a market dominated by the likes of Frank Body. They rose to meet the challenge thanks to the discovery of ground coconut husks which they believed matched the exfoliating properties of their caffeinated sisters.



Favourite Finds – Bambi & Sammi No.1 Hair Masque

bambi and sami


It’s Saturday night and you are looking for luscious locks without drowning your gorgeous hair in a tonne of chemicals?

Look no further than my latest favourite find – Bambi & Sammi No.1 hair mask. This tiny but lively pouch of creamy goodness, is the perfect pick me up. In fact, it’s become a vital part of my pre-date night ritual, a little Bambi & Sammi for the hair and The Little Alchemist Cacao and Banana mask for the face.


Favourite Finds – Mukti Organics Essential Hydration Trio

mukti trio_post image


I believe I may have met my match in skincare heaven.

And I assure you, it’s not the sort of comment I throw around lightly. 

Last week you may recall we brought you the beauty and brains behind the brand Mukti Organics as one of our tribe of Inspiring Sisters. If you missed it, then I suggest you click here. Today I reveal my personal review of the Essential Hydration Trio.



Favourite Finds – Lewin & Reilly Women’s Skin Trio

lewin_reilly_trio image

This is one local brand that is ticking all the boxes right now.

And their story goes something like this…

Husband and wife duo, Kim and Andi, first discovered the concept for their skincare brand while honeymooning in the idyllic Cook Islands. The pair share diverse backgrounds spanning wine making to publishing, but it was the abundance of natural ingredients available in the South Pacific that captured their hearts. They also recognised the huge impact these special ingredients had on the health and wellbeing of the native people.  Several years later and back on Australian shores, they believed a skincare line would be the finest way to bring awareness to the healing properties of  these plants and oils.

Sourced from sustainable farms across the Pacific islands and Australia, their formulas combine wild harvested and Organic oils, butters, hydrosols/floral waters, waxes and potent plant extracts.