Amplify Your Life – Live Workshop

Are you ready to live life by your own design?

Instead of “one day” I want to present an opportunity for you to dive in, to start your own designing NOW.

This workshop has been designed with intelligent, driven women in mind. Women who are waking up to the fact that in their life and careers they are presenting only one half of themselves. The other half is full of dreams, gifts and talents we have stored away, for use “one day”.

What if the answer to a life by design didn’t come from the stuff that normally turns us on – complex problem solving or analysing pro/con lists? What if it came from something that’s been here all along?

As women we are born with natural superpowers, we have an inbuilt guidance system that we can go to daily to find the answers. Intuition, heart, spirit, essence – whatever term feels right for you.

This workshop is an opportunity for you come together with like-minded women, connect, discover and empower each other.

This is when we truly amplify our life.

What you will learn:

In this intimate workshop, I will share four tools I use to unlock my superpowers, to design a life and career that allows for self-expression and success:

  • How creating daily rituals + habits help you thrive with both confidence and gain clarity from our inner guidance system
  • What to do when you bump up against fear + excuses when going after your dream
  • Discover what it looks like to harness your feminine brilliance
  • How to make money work for + with you on your journey

Walk away with a new version of what success is to you!

24 February 2018
12 - 3pm
Kindred Movement Richmond Studio
Limited to 15 spots

The essential details:

what to bring:
  • wear comfortable clothing as we will be seated on the floor
  • tea, water and snacks provided
  • workbook provided

What women say about my workshops:

“Ruby is just so lovely! Loved the workshop, the yoga and the meditation. Thank you!”  – Louise C

“This was such a lovely opportunity to really think through what I find important in my life- Ruby provided a great framework for this” – Rosalie S

“Really enjoyed it, very well executed with lovely attention to detail” – Jody R

My dream is to guide women like you to know your own light so you can feel fulfilled in your career. I am a dreamer but I’m also a doer, I don’t give motivational speeches because I prefer to share actionable wisdom so you can get creating from the court not the sidelines.

I create from the digital space via private 1:1 coaching, video blogging and online workshops. Several times per year I lead intimate groups of women (and men) through in person workshops and unplugged retreats.


Tailor Made Workshop: Design Your Own Success

This intimate and powerful 2 hour workshop is designed to help you see what’s possible for your life when you begin to live from the heart.

In this workshop Ruby will take you through her clever three step process:

Decide – Learn how to get crystal clear and discover why it is important to get connected to your heart and body how you can choose powerfully from this place.

Commit – Leave today ready to commit to a #hellyes kinda life.

Succeed – Create what success is to you.

Hosted by Ruby Marsh in collaboration with lululemon athletica camberwell.



Soulful Living Workshop: The Art of Self Care

Beautiful tribe! Please join me for an intimate afternoon in which we discover the connection between our self-care and living with heart and soul.

In this 2 hour workshop we dive into…

// What soulful living looks and feels like to you and what it means to live from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

// Learn why a self care routine will provide you with the confidence and courage to live a life you created

// Learn essential self-care tools to nourish the mind, body and spirit and how to integrate them into your daily life.



Live.Laugh.Love Workshop

In conjunction with lululemon athletica Camberwell, you are invited to join Erin Young of Creative Freedom Movement and me for a fun and interactive evening on the 21st January.

In this 2 hour workshop, we get into the ‘pre-work’ that will allow you to create both a vision for your life and soul centred goals from a place of love and JOY.

Raw treats and drinks provided.

This event is complimentary.


Elevation Floatation and Yoga

167 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East

***Note: Event location has changed since originally advertised. This post has been updated with the correct address. All existing ticket holders will be notified by email before the event.

Tickets available via eventbrite by clicking this link.