How to craft a morning routine that sticks in 3 easy steps

You might have heard this quote floating around social media recently –

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

It comes from William H McRaven who wrote 10 Life Lessons From Basic Seal Training.

While I can’t attest to reading the book, or confess to being militant with making my bed every morning (shock!), I wholly believe in starting your day with intentional habits.

And it seems that it’s the secret sauce of every successful entrepreneur these days.

It’s such a known component of success that the quirky Tim Ferris ask this question of every single guest – “what does your morning routine look like?”

While their answers are wide and varied, specific to the needs of the person, there is a pattern to their routine…

It’s not about the amount of time you spend, it’s how the time is spent.

There is intention behind their actions

They choose actions that nourish the body and free the mind in some capacity

By utilising these themes, I wanted to share with you three steps I’ve been using to refine a morning routine that sticks.

Part One: Remove the tech from the get-go

>> Attempt to go without your phone or media for the period of your ‘morning routine’ to eliminate any distractions creeping in. Have you ever noticed that when your pick up your phone and start scrolling, all of a sudden you find yourself running late for work, burning the toast or disengaged with your loved one?

>> Secondly, we remove the tech to minimise our brains going into reactive mode. We can be fully engaged with our routine without worry, fear or comparison creeping in. This is a beautiful, simple  way to support yourself especially if you tend to wake up anxious.

>> Take it one step further and use an old school alarm clock. Instead of reaching for your phone and engaging that reactive brain, you’re free to go about your day, connect with your dog or a loved one. We don’t get this real physical and emotion connection with others from a phone.

Part Two: Pick two actions that nourish the body and free the mind in some capacity

>> Start by connecting with self – through meditation, journalling or some sort of self-inquiry.

>> Meditation – start where you are, whether it be 5 minutes of breathing or 20mins of mantras. This is about creating stillness and space.

>> Self-inquiry could be as simple as asking yourself “how are you Ruby? how can I love you more today?”

>> Journalling is a great way to ‘brain dump’ any ideas that have accumulated overnight, or even a simple 5 minute gratitude practice ( I have found this to be a great lead in to meditation because my mind is less anxious and busy.

>> Secondly wake up the body – your hips and spine are a great place to start. If you want something super quick and simple – pop on your favourite song and move for 3-5mins.

>> Another aspect of body love is prepare your digestive system – a little warm lemon water before you eat quick and easy.

>> If the final part of your routine looks like jumping in the shower you can also give your body some extra love by adding in one or two simple practices like oil pulling, dressing the body with essential oils and dry brushing to liven up your circulation.

Part Three: Move from knowledge to action to daily habit – tricks to make it stick.

>> Choose a time-frame that is reasonable for you – remember it’s not about the amount of time you spend, it’s how the time is spent. For example, you start with one or two actions with a 10-15min time-frame.

>> Be intentional – ask yourself “do these actions create a calmer mind and fluidity in the body?” Contradictory to what we you might think, this state of calm vs. amplified feeling will create more flow and better productivity throughout the day.

>> Be accountable – track your habit on a calendar or start out with a buddy

>> It starts with the night before – physically set your tools out (clothes, journal etc) the night before or prepare your to-do list so you’re not thinking about it first thing.

Tell me, have you created your own morning routine? What’s your favourite part of it? How does it set you up for the rest of the day?

I would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

x Ruby

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash



Disconnect to reconnect – 3 lessons from four days without social media

Four days without social media.

Piece of cake right?

I think most of us could agree that choosing to go an hour or two without your phone is a pretty reasonable test for a modern woman.

But what if you went without it for four days, ceased social media, emails, television, radio and even reading?

I might here you say – “Are you crazy woman, 4 days! what’s there left to live for without my tech?”

Girlfriend! THERE IS MORE to live for THAN YOU COULD ever IMAGINE.

Let me show you why this is true…



My favourite rituals to boost self worth and feel good about money

Any time we desire a change in mindset, I’ve observed that the most powerful impact comes when we implement small, thoughtful and regular actions over a period of time. When it comes to money, I like to call it –

Creating conscious money habits

Regular actions, that eventually become habitual (and natural) will slowly change our reactive or negative patterns into something that serves our vision. Words spoken become not only powerful but naturally positive in nature.

When choosing our conscious habits, we can should consider these three things:


This aspect of our conscious money habits relates to the energy we feel not only when we speak about money, but also relates to the thoughts we have and the physical body – where we hold the energy in our bodies when we think or speak about money.

Energy is an underlying thing, we can feel it but we often can’t see it. It is often said that money has a neutral energy, it is neither good nor bad, it just is. However, if we reflect on our money story, it might be apparent that you have held a certain energy around money for a long time. When you observe what was said around money growing up – was the energy in your family open and expansive, full of possibility, or perhaps when you spoke about money in the context of others lives there was an energy of needless consumption, greed, or status.

Consider the energy you feel in your body when you repeat your powerful money statement to yourself. Are you reading it with intent and passion or is it just another thing on your to-do list? This is no different to the energy you feel when you create something – a piece of art, a beautiful meal, or even movement. If you know how you feel when you create these things – power, love, attention and fullness, how would it feel if we applied these feelings to money?



3 simple tools to transform your money beliefs

If you find yourself landing on this blog post today, then welcome to part two of our series on money.

In working with many over the past year, I noticed that our relationship with money can be a little sticky. A subject that we don’t feel comfortable talking about or experience a loss of confidence when it comes to money and making powerful choices.

In the first part of this three-part series on money, I asked you to complete this set of questions (download HERE).

Together, we looked at your history and past experiences, to find out whether this may have a bearing on what beliefs you hold today – especially if money makes you nervous.

The reason I asked you to look into your past, is that some of the beliefs you have today, you may have unconsciously carried through your life. Your actions today, may be a reaction to those past experiences – for fear of repeating a cycle – perhaps you don’t want to experience what your parents went through.



Why owning your money story will transform your life (from my experience)

Heart driven success.
Creating your definition of abundance then living it.
and how you define living abundantly is entirely your choosing.
Your definition could include one or more elements of your life – your health, your wellbeing, particular possessions, finances, where you live.  The things that are the very foundation for you to grow, create and share with the world.

Sounds all very simple, easy to follow – right? Abundance is my middle name I hear you say.

Or maybe not. Maybe abundance sounds great in theory but what about in reality?

You open your wallet, you look in your fridge, log in to your online banking and somehow things don’t feel so ‘abundant’ anymore.

So, in my experience, we can’t talk about abundance without first addressing its most common association – money.

When you break it down, money is just one tool that allows us to invest in our growth and our human evolution, through new experiences. If we are feeling less than abundant, then the decision to undertake a period of growth and transformation will be rife with debate. Rather than seeing money as a tool to open our eyes to greater possibility, we may choose the easy route and deny ourselves the chance. 

Because for many of us, we have so cleverly mistaken the degree of self worth we have…is relative to the state of our finances and possessions.  

These new ‘eye-opening’ experiences could be further education, courses, working with coaches, a mastermind, therapists, attending workshops, walking over hot coals…which I’d much prefer to do than sit in a cave for 10 years and meditate – despite the cave being a route that requires minimal financial investment.

Would you agree that you freely invest in your growth? or is money the biggest factor in this decision? Designer dress or a session with a kinesiologist? Waaaaaay easier, and more comfortable to go designer – right? You’ve already got the university degree, that counts right?

There will be some women out there nodding their heads, because we LOVE learning.

But for many of the beautiful souls out there, investing in our growth, possibility and potential, is scary and requires stepping into the unknown.

There are no guarantees, nor do we obtain something physical in return that is evidence of our investment. Designer dresses are typically not included. Which is why we take the seemingly easier route.

Opt out.

Instead if we invested, we trusted, we persisted and we allowed passion and desire to fill our veins, the vision eventually becomes a reality.

And suddenly your direct association between abundance and the status of your bank account shifts dramatically.

I believe we need to get comfortable with investing in our growth for one key reason – if you don’t know what you don’t know – why that fear might be holding you back, then it makes sense to find someone that could shine a light on it. 

Download your PDF here, brew a cup of tea and set aside 30mins to complete this powerful exercise.

Let’s go back to my original statement about defining abundance.

Perhaps your beautiful vision of abundance involves creating a business to be your own boss and serve others, or relocate out of the city so you can start a veggie patch and live off the land. Down the line, there will likely be some financial investment to get it off the ground. Stepping into this vision requires you to up skill or step into a new version of yourself with the support of a team or an accountability partner to get you over the line. 

When we give excuses for not investing and not doing the work, we are in a state of resistance, and we deny ourselves the investment because of…money.

Or rather it’s not money itself but our beliefs, and our story about money that holds us back. 

These beliefs create our identity. Which creates our behaviours and verbal excuses – how we spend, what we spend it on, what we say about money, or what we don’t say about money. And so the cycle continues.

To break the cycle, you need to first own your money story.

So what was my money story?

For a long time, my version of abundance was wrapped up in status. I probably lived the first 20-odd years of my life via a lens of comparison and material attainment. Some of this was conscious, some of this by default because of the way money is portrayed in Western society. This lens created some pretty interesting thoughts and behaviours around money, which were typically skewed towards lack and not enough therefore always striving for a bigger, flashier version of myself.   

I can recall a number of times as a child that fed into this story – breaking down on the ski field in our old car, mum cleaning her friends houses when my parents separated or mum making our clothes as children. 

But my lens distorted the really good stuff – what I didn’t see was that my parents chose worldly experience over shiny objects – we camped through Europe for 3 months as a teenager because they chose education and culture. They were rebellious and creative with money.  Once I owned my story around money, the distorted lens was lost and instead I could really see what was possible with money when you exercised a little creativity.

I then set about defining abundance for myself based on my values and my vision for my life.

What allowed me to see clearly this new beautiful version of abundance – first choosing my personal growth over that designer dress. Choosing to be worthy of that bigger vision for my life instead of continuing the same old patterns. 

On to today’s mini challenge…

I want you to feel empowered when it comes to your finances, your future and therefore all that potential that’s available to you.

To feel empowered, we first acknowledge where we are at right now and where we have come from with respect to money. This allows us to see where we might have been holding on to some funky thoughts and beliefs. We do this through a simple journalling exercise.

Download your PDF here, brew a cup of tea and set aside 30mins to complete this powerful exercise.

I would love to hear what came up for you in doing this exercise? what surprised you? what felt good? what things do you want to let go of?