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ballet slippers and leg warmers

A good friend of mine and I have been speaking about dance classes for a long time, specifically ballet classes. We have never actually made it to a class… until now!

I’m going to be trying a beginners ballet class at Sydney Dance Company, down in the Rocks with some friends in March. I’ll give you an update on how the lesson goes & if I like it, will provide more of a progress report over the coming weeks.

I did ballet throughout childhood, along with tap & gymnastics, so am looking forward to giving it another whirl as an adult. I also love the freedom of dance and expression, throw in the discipline and the rigour brought by ballet and think it’s a wonderful mix.

Here’s two great videos I’ve found by Ballet beautiful focusing on your legs, which I’ve tried in preparation to my first lesson and I love them.

Point & flex beauties!

Photo from Huggalugs, featuring their Legruffles.


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