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Ask a Friend Survey Danielle LaPorte


A couple of month’s ago Danielle LaPorte, a woman long admired by both of us, threw this beautiful survey out in to the world.

Ruby challenged us to take it and today we’ll share with you our thoughts on the survey, what we felt about writing it and the flip side of how we felt when we received it too. We’ve also chosen to share a snapshot of the answers that were pretty special to us.

Enjoy beauties!


Gosh I love this lady! and I loved this survey she threw out in to the world. Ruby jumped on the survey the day Danielle launched it and we eventually sat down last month to complete it.

There are 10 questions in total and on the surface they may appear to be punchy and sweet. Don’t be fooled! They are all thought starters and it was great heading down memory lane while completing the survey for Ruby. There are some more confronting questions thrown in the mix, but well worth putting your honest thoughts down to share with the special person you’re completing it for.

I was supremely touched by Ruby’s answers – I was proud with how she saw me and appreciated the honesty of her answers.

It made me really grin to receive answers on how Ruby thinks I shine “when I stand up for what I want and need” and that I should give myself more credit for and celebrate “my stand for greatness in myself and others”.

Feedback is always gift and it was packaged up perfectly.


As a long-standing fan of Danielle LaPorte’s work, I had no hesitation in embarking on an ‘Ask a friend survey’, and what better person to do it with than my best friend and collaborator – Katherine. The experience of diving into how that person appears for you and what they really mean was a telling experience. Some of the questions may appear tricky but it is the honesty that you expose yourself as a true friend.

Being on the receiving end of what your friend has written is a very magical experience. It was lovely to hear those things from another that you are often not fully aware of, but to have it recognised with true honesty is the mark of someone who cares.

I would certainly recommend that anyone take the plunge with your nearest and dearest, it is the most authentic act of gratitude you can offer someone else.

Take the Survey!

If you’d like to challenge your bestie, family, friends, lovers or anyone really, to take this survey you can find it here.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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