Adventures, Friendship & New Beginnings

Adventures, friendships & new beginnings

Well beauties, what can we say!

Change is a-foot as both of us take on new challenges.

The biggest change to rock our beautiful little space is that Ruby has moved states! Yes, that’s right, Ruby has upped and relocated from Sydney to Melbourne to attack her latest adventure with her husband. This means new space, place, community and of course job. As usual Ruby has attacked this adventure with the right mix of gumption and trepidation!

It will of course be tough not having my go-to lady just round the corner for catch-ups, chats and walks – however, the beauty of technology just means chats will take a more virtual look and feel!

On top of that, I’m only 4 weeks or so in to my new role, which is a roller-coaster challenge in itself. It’s one that I’m enjoying thoroughly and with any new role, there are adjustments to routine, pace, team members and so much to learn.

As such we wanted to let you all know that we took our respective feet off the pedals last week and are giving ourselves another week or so grace to recalibrate, relax and recuperate.

Much Love and we’ll back to full swing soon beauties!

Katherine & Ruby


a conscious beauty

This post was co-written by Katherine & Ruby, the co-founders of A Conscious Beauty.

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