I am not not about miracle creams, overnight fixes or extreme detoxes.

What I am about is having the courage to live an authentic and creative life.

I work with women who are ready to take bold action to manifest a life they truly desire.

We transform what is possible for your life – right NOW

I am here to help you find, clarity, freedom and courage to live your dream life. 

The holistic beauty journey so far…

+ Rewind. At the tender age of 8, you would regularly see me with cucumbers over my eyes or in the kitchen concocting scrubs from oats and berries. I have vivid memories of this time, no inhibitions, free to create, a little holistic goddess in the making.

+ Enter teenage years, puberty hits and my skin begins to misbehave. Hitched up school uniforms, my icons were Brittany and Christina, a mask of makeup to cover up. It was all about looking good and trying to fit in.

+ After years of battling bad skin, trips to doctors, naturopaths, and trying every option (and chemical) under the sun – I was resigned to the fact that my skin would always be this way. Bless my mother for supporting me that far. How did I stray so far from that angel of 8 years old?


+ My skin journey led me to believe that there was a better way to look at beauty. It took listening to that inner child to snap back into reality. Through a process of healing my insides and listening to my body, my skin became remarkably better. But the journey had only just begun…

+ After 5 years as a full-time Architect, I took a leap (of faith) sideways and began working for lululemon athletica. Tribe found. Who would have thought these years would teach me the most about who ‘I am’?

+ Through everything I create for A Conscious Beauty, I am able to share the knowledge to achieve a ‘well’ and nourished body and a life that I love. Something that often seemed impossible all those years ago.  

The essential deets…

+ I was born and raised in beautiful, clean, green New Zealand. At the age of 19 moved to Australia to peruse my Architecture studies in the post-industrial town of Newcastle, Australia.

+ In the midst of my final Architecture submission (craziest time of my life might I add), I moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches to be with my man. After 7 memory-filled, sun-drenched, ocean-kissed years we ventured further south to Melbourne.

+ I have one beautiful sister and the sweetest little pup called Luna #staffysrule

+ I co-founded A Conscious Beauty with my best friend Katherine Bugden in the Summer of 2014. Thank you for your support and guidance to get it off the ground, and take it into its first year.

+ Bliss is…a facial from the babes @madebeautyspace

+ Favourite wanderlust destination so far…Costa Rica. Out of control, mind-blowing biodiversity in one relatively small country.

+ I am anchored by desire in the form of…abundance | inspired | communion | luminous

+ Home is…a simple home-cooked feast with my nearest and dearest, filled with laughter and stories a plenty.