8 signs your busy mind is keeping you disconnected (from my own experience)

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t stop the constant chatter in your head?

Do you fall asleep at night running to-do lists, solving that sticky problem from the office, or your body so exhausted all you can do is wish tomorrow was the weekend.

Do you wake up and it starts all over again.

Anxious about that deadline, that meeting with a new client or what you’re boss is going to say that would have you feel about 2 feet tall.

This was me, for most of my early adult life.

The noise.

How was I going to make it stop?

On the surface I held it together, but deep down I was stuck and I knew something had to change. Over twenty-something years I had slowly unravelled the connection to my heart. The place I could go that was true.

Pure freedom.

I desired to be free of the noise and deeply connected at the same time.

Looking back, my path was dotted with signs that I was stuck and disconnected. Those signs looked a little something like this:

> Being overly concerned with what others thought

Left a feeling of unease towards some of my closest family members. I wholeheartedly believed the love of my parents hinged on a model of success that only they knew – not the one I deeply desired. Consequently I kept my dreams to myself or carefully chose who I told the details to. I know now that I lived through a model of conditional love, one that kept a fence between me and those I cared about. Unconditional love, does not fear the consequence of truly being oneself.  

> Endless doing, proving and striving in a masculine career left me disconnected with my goddess self.

The necessity to do more, be more, was all coming from my head and not my heart. For many years I chose to tick the boxes that looked good on paper and chased status. I was exhausted and disillusioned. I was accustomed to feeling in private, and most certainly not spilling it on the boardroom floor.   

> I had a feeling deep inside that I was living inauthentically.

I was one person by day and another by night. I was hungry for a rich life on all levels, where I could be and do whatever I wanted and not shrink to feel admired by others.

> Overrun by negative thinking – that I was overworked, undervalued, and living without voice.

This is when resentment sets in and the trickster mind is in heaven. Language and communication towards myself and others to takes a turn. I stop doing those things that feel really good and juicy deep down. My abundance meter is on low.

> The body doesn’t lie – physical signs of unease and imbalance

This manifested for me in periods of thriving to periods of doctors, specialists, natural remedies, sick days, poor skin and frustration that I was unable to ‘fix’ myself. For some of us, the signs we receive are loud and clear in the form of chronic illness, for others it may be under the surface – an irregular menstrual cycle, low sex drive, foggy brain, tiredness or poor digestion (all of which I endured at some point).  

> All these signs and I was still trapped. Trapped in a lack mindset. I had no clue about abundance or the stories I’d collected around money.

As far as I was concerned money was security, you worked really hard for it, and it only came from ‘the man’. I wanted to rebel HARD but I neglected to look at my childhood and the creativity my parents used to do amazing things with their children. There was plenty of rule breaking, I just couldn’t see past my own head and the endless possibilities available.

> My mind wanted direction and a fixed outcome. I was unable to see the bigger picture or think creatively.

In the ego there is fear and in the heart there is trust and love. Not knowing how to get out of my head and into my heart capped what was possible for my life, let alone use the one thing that kept me sane my whole life – my creative expression.

> And finally, the biggest sign – when the outside reflects the inside.

When things started to shift for me about 5 years ago, the term self love was getting a lot of airtime. I began to observe that our degree of self love and our connection to our heart, shows up in more ways than just a clear mind. One of the biggest signs for me (and still is today), is my ability to relate to those close to me. Am I reactive? passive aggressive? feeling stuck in my personal relationships? Observe these patterns in relation to how you currently feel about yourself and you might see some similarities.  


So beautiful, do any of these signs feel familiar?

Does your head say ‘that’s normal girl’ but your heart says ‘actually, you are so worthy of connection’. Yes, your heart is correct.

This is my journey. The journey of a woman who has been decluttering her mind and rebuilding the connection to her heart.

I am sharing this with you because the more we come together as women to unravel the things that keep us in our heads, the more unstoppable we become.

Do you feel called to come together and create a deeper connection to yourself, your career and your relationships?

Good news is that connection already exists within you, but you wish to go deeper – together, supported.

You are invited to begin this journey today, and work together 1:1 by joining me for a complimentary 30min discovery call. 

The discovery call is perfect for you if:

> You are open to exploring what is possible for your life

> You are ready to take the steps required to move you closer to your dream

> All you really desire is to feel free of your busy mind and open your heart to a fuller life – your relationships, your career, your health and more.

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh is a mentor and the creator of The Unstoppable Woman transformation program. She believes that when a woman is confident in her own skin, she is free to create herself on her own terms. Through her 1:1 work with women and workshops she is supports women to clear their minds and open their hearts.

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